Spectacular success of a Polish company - over £800,000 in 420 seconds!

2021-12-08 21:08:43

Today, the sale of shares of Kombinat Konopny on a crowdfunding platform lasted only 7 minutes, which saw the company raise PLN 4.5 million (GBP £838,215). The shares were purchased by 736 investors, which gives an average of 2,038 shares and PLN 6,114 per person. The interest in the shares was so great that potential investors sent about 8 million PLN, but to those who did not make it, the money was returned to their accounts shortly after the emission had ended. " The shares of Kombinat Konopny (KK) are bought, not sold" - commented one of the investors who had already decided to trust the company a year ago during the first issue on the Crowdway platform.

4,5 mln (1)
4,5 mln (1)

Indeed, we can speak of another great success for Maciej Kowalski and the company. Kowalski has a very down-to-earth economic approach to business, which allows the company to develop dynamically. It is also very much appreciated by the company's employees and its shareholders. Among today's investors, there are many people who had already invested a year ago and who have become convinced that it is worth having the shares of this company in their portfolio. It is worth adding, that Maciej Kowalski has shown more than once that he is a true expert when it comes to hemp, as well as an expert when it comes to big business - three years ago he sold his first large company, HempPoland, to a Canadian buyer.

Today, right after the issue, we asked him for comment in the Investors & group:

It is definitely a good sign for future market valuation. The company is preparing to submit an application for admission to listing on the NewConnect stock exchange, where all people who have not managed to buy shares today will be able to purchase virtually any number of shares at a price that is the result of a balance between supply and demand. The fact that the interest is significantly higher than the amount of share we were ready to sell makes us very optimistic 🙂.

... meanwhile, we get to work, because obtaining funds for investments is still no achievement - now we have to show that we deserve this trust!

One of the investors commented saying:

Mr. President, Kombinat shares are never sold, they are only bought. There may also be a problem with this movement on the stock exchange :) I cordially congratulate the whole KK team.

This unique entrepreneur is very close to people - he manages the company himself, takes care of social media, as well as repairs machines. He does not promise the moon but emphasizes that his intention is that the company and its Shareholders earn very well.

Next year, 2022 - Kombinat is to enter the NewConnect Stock Exchange, and in 2025 - to the Main Stock Exchange. Before NewConnect, there will be no additional issue of shares. Dividends will be paid from the company's profits, which President Kowalski expects after the debut on the Stock Exchange in 2025.

In the first issue a year ago, 4.2 million shares of Kombinat worth 1 PLN each went for sale on the crowdfunding platform and were bought by 895 investors within 38 minutes. Up until then, CanPoland was the record holder for obtaining the entire amount in the least amount of time, which was 11 minutes (February 2021).

It is worth adding that in the investors' group we announced a competition: who will predict most effectively - how long will it take to collect the entire amount?
The winner was Michał, who chose 7 minutes 15 seconds and won an award from - a thematic pendant from the Australian company with a hemp leaf embedded in resin and hemp tea from a limited HEMP-IS-GOOD series. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Congratulations to the entire team of Kombinat Konopny and its President, Maciej Kowalski.

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