#HempWood - will it replace the traditional wood industry and help the Planet?

2021-12-06 10:30:00 Inga

Did you know that hemp wood is at least 20% harder than solid oak wood? Moreover, buying hemp products saves forests. Meet the man who spent 10 years developing hemp hardwood and now owns a multi-million dollar factory.

Hemp - pic. Era Konopi
Hemp - pic. Era Konopi

HempWood is produced by Fibonacci - a company from the USA, founded in 2018 by Greg Wilson. The founder was inspired by the experience from his previous job, where he was involved in the production of bamboo floors.

Basing on his experience from previous work, Greg and his team have consistently worked to adapt the bamboo lumber process for the use of other plant species such as eucalyptus and hemp.


Hemp wood is 20% harder than oak. The plant grows 100 times faster and absorbs huge amounts of CO2.

The product is becoming more and more competitive in relation to wood and it is not only about much better hemp yield and environmental protection is, but also about the price, which with the increase in the cultivation of hemp, approximates the price of wood from trees, and it even gets lower.

Thanks to such a substitute for traditional wood, it would be possible to significantly reduce deforestation, which, in addition to contributing to disturbances in the forest ecosystem, hinders water management processes, i.e. faster water flow in deforested areas, which is a greater risk of flooding.

It was never our intention to create another wood product. We wanted, for the benefit of mankind, to create a real alternative to wood. Our goal is to help the environment and stop the devastating effects of deforestation, the company's website reads.

HempWood is used to produce wooden blocks, boards, floors, cutting boards and skateboards, all at much cheaper prices than the same oak products.

How is HempWood made?

Unfortunately, there is little information available to the public about this, as the production method is patented. On the other hand, we know that the raw material is produced in a process where biomimicry has been used to convert hemp fibres and soybean protein binders into a viable substitute for oak. Biomimicry, in short, is the likeness of one species to another in order to obtain some benefit.

The Fibonacci company is based in Murray, Kentucky, with a plant of approximately 1,500 m2. There is no doubt that the Wilson plant will bring many economic benefits in the area.

When I became Commissioner of Agriculture, I said I wanted Kentucky to become the center of the cannabis industry in the United States. The fact that Greg Wilson and Fibonacci LLC chose Kentucky to create the first HempWood plant in the United States is testament to our strategic position in the cannabis industry, said Ryan Quarles, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner in Captain Planet.

On the other hand, HempWood is aware that its production will disrupt the $ 60 billion annual wood industry.
This wood has potential!

It does not take long to convince yourself to this product. Just visit the company's profile on Instagram to see what wonders are made of hemp wood. I honestly admit that when I started writing this article, I was not aware that such beautiful products can be made of this material. All I had to do was visit the @hempwood profile and what I saw there gripped my heart!


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