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Hemp Clubs - the Maltese solution for marijuana

2021-11-14 08:07:10 Inga

It looks like Malta is also about to liberalize its laws on growing, buying and consuming marijuana. According to a government project that would legalize recreational marijuana, citizens will be allowed to carry up to 7 grams of marijuana with them and grow up to 4 bushes of this plant at home, with the amount of dried cannabis produced not exceeding 50 grams.

Owen Bonnici, Minister of Science, Innovation and Coordination of the Post-COVID-19 Strategy, presented details of the marijuana legalization project, Source:
Owen Bonnici, Minister of Science, Innovation and Coordination of the Post-COVID-19 Strategy, presented details of the marijuana legalization project, Source:

The statutory limit of 7g will only apply to adults. If marijuana was to be found at someone under the age of 18, this person would have to "appear before the justice commissioner for a care plan to be prepared", reports the Times of Malta.

Consuming marijuana in public remains illegal, and anyone breaking the law will face a fine of up to €235. In the case of a person under the age of 18 - the penalty increases to €300.

The bill submitted to the Maltese parliament also includes the creation of so-called cannabis clubs and associations, where you can buy a maximum of 50 grams of dried fruit per month, much like in Spain or Uruguay. Such organizations will be able to sell cannabis to people who join the club. One club member will be able to buy a maximum of 7 g per day. In addition, members will be able to purchase up to 20 seeds per month from their associations. The number of members for each association has been limited to 500, and the amount of raw material stored is limited to 500 g. The associations are dedicated to people who do not want or will not be able to grow cannabis on their farms. Everyone will be able to become a member of only one association and entrepreneurs will not be able to establish them.

(Hemp) Associations must be located more than 250 meters from schools or places frequented by young people and must not advertise cannabis or promote cannabis culture, reports the Times of Malta.

Moreover, all cannabis associations will have to register with the Responsible Use of Cannabis Authority and submit a quarterly report to it.

The act also contains a provision on the possibility of removing from the files a criminal sentence regarding the disposal of small amounts of marijuana. At the request of the convicted person, the sentence may be removed.

The proposed new cannabis law does not yet provide for a regulated marijuana market.

Currently, the draft law legalizing marijuana in Malta is being amended. The bill will probably be voted on in parliament soon.

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