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Does hemp fur have a chance to become the next big thing?

2021-11-14 07:24:21 Tomasz Różański

The world first heard about DevoHome after the Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2020. It was such a novelty, that "Frankfurter Allgemeine" or "MaterialDistrict" - the world's leading matchmaking platform in the field of innovative materials - wrote all about this new hemp fur project.


DevoHome - a Ukrainian manufacturer of home textiles, hemp clothing and footwear, behind which is the business visionary Oksana Devoe, presented fur, which is deceptively similar to animal fur but made of 100% plant materials.

The faux fur is woven from hemp fibres and viscose, a semi-synthetic wood pulp material, with a knitted base made of natural cotton. The result mimics the double coat of many animals, which have a layer of thin, shorter fur close to the skin, protected by a second layer of longer, coarser hair.

Unlike most synthetic furs which are made of petroleum products, DevoHome artificial fur is made entirely of plant materials. The hemp used in furs is pesticide and herbicide-free, naturally hypoallergenic and 100% organic. It is also completely biodegradable and has natural antimicrobial properties. In addition to its thermal properties, hemp is breathable so it won't allow moisture to build up, making it more comfortable than most synthetic fabrics.

More and more global brands are giving up "natural" fur
Among the luxury brands that do not agree with the suffering of animals, are companies such as Alexander McQueen, Prada, Balenciaga, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Gucci. Calvin Klein was one of the first to resign from animal fur in 1994.

Three years ago - in 2018, London Fashion Week was signed up as the first in the world WITHOUT FUR. More and more people are aware of the suffering of animals and the aspects of its impact on the environment. Hemp fur is just in line with the sustainable development trend - simply a perfect solution for our time.

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