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British police raided a "marijuana plantation" and made a surprising discovery ...

2021-06-08 18:14:22 redakcja

Despite the progress in legalizing cannabis, it continues to be the subject of intense searches by police forces. Sometimes, actions against marijuana plantations have surprising results ....

Crypto mine WM
Crypto mine WM

As we read on the official website of the British West Midlands region police, the police organized an action aimed at eliminating the illegal marijuana plantation. Officers, acting on intelligence suggesting that there is a marijuana farm on the property, stormed an industrial estate at Great Bridge Industrial Estate in Sandwell, West Midlands.

This intelligence, according to a spokesman for the local police, is:

We heard that suspiciously many people visit the property at different times of the day, there were plenty of ventilation ducts and ducts on the building, and a police drone's thermal imaging camera detected a significant heat source. These are classic signs of a marijuana plantation.

In the course of the action, to the surprise of the policemen, it turned out that the property was ... a cryptocurrency "mine", which was stealing electricity worth thousands of pounds a month. A huge team of around 100 computer units was found carrying out the bitcoin mining operation. The IT equipment was confiscated and the investigation revealed that the electrical power had been installed illegally. As a result, electricity worth thousands of pounds was stolen.

Jennifer Griffin, Sandwell Police Sergeant, comments: “It was certainly not what we expected! This place had all the hallmarks of marijuana growing. This is only the second such cryptocurrency mine we have encountered in the West Midlands. "

Source: local West Midlands Police website

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